Senior Shoot

I shot this senior a couple of weeks ago, he is a good friend of my son’s and is in the group of boys that hold a special place in my heart.  Great group of kids these boys are.  Let me know what you think….

Senior 2009!!



Thanks Wes….until next time!!

Great weekend!!!

I have to say this was a GREAT weekend, first I got to see my mom.  I visited with a dear friend that has breast cancer AND I got a 50D Canon.  That meant lots of pictures, I want to say thank you to my daughter for being so sweet to let me photograph her and her friend :).  I love you B!

To be continued…..

Keith and Christina’s engagement!!!

Keith and Christina thanks for letting 🙂 me take your pictures.  I really enjoyed the shoot.  Although it was a very bright day we got lots of great pictures.  Keith….thanks for not hating every minute of my commands!!

I love this picture of these two!!! 🙂 Love the white background.. Christina….this might be my favorite!

Thanks to the both of you, let me know what you think 🙂

Meredith’s engagement shoot!!

Ok first I have to say Meredith has the best personality of anyone I know as soon as I met her many years back I was very comfortable around her because she is so outgoing and fun to be around.  Her soon to be husband was the most patient man I know when it comes to pictures……sorry Blake for taking three hours but you guys were so fun to shoot!!! …….

We traveled to several locations and not one time did they complain………….. 🙂

Let me know what you think…….

New Blog!!!!

I just started my new blog, I will use this for session previews.  I will start with Brit and Kat, thanks girls it was fun!!! Love you both!

Brittanie hates her pictures being made so when she wants to go shoot I jump on it before she can get in the car, she is very photogentic (yes I know I am her mom!!! 🙂

You mean the world to me B :)!

Love Kat’s eyes………