Can’t resist…..

I can’t resist posting some of my own family pictures….Ok I will start by saying my family HATES their pictures being made.  The only thing I can think of is because I have a camera in their face every chance I get…..I really think that is why they despise getting pictures made.  Justin wasnt a fan of me on this day…first because I picked out clothes he hates and then there was the shoes…he said they looked like 60 yr men’s shoes….all this for a family photo…….












This is one of my favorite pictures I have taken in a while… driving today I just spotted this out of the corner of my eye and turned around to get it.  I have added a Solarization filter to the image. 


Here comes Santa Claus!!

Oh my goodness just when I thought I have met the sweetest family I have the experience of meeting yet another one.  I shot the S family this weekend and oh my gosh what a sweet family.  Little miss M you are the cutest and always had a smile on your face and Mr. G you are one hansome boy.  Thanks guys for such a great experience and that gift was amazing!  Of course I loved the bread and danish too!!




Little Five Points….

We did a road trip Friday to Little Five Points…what a weird place.  Anyway it started raining so we didn’t get any cool pics of the graffiti but we will go back when the weather is nicer to get some shots.  We stopped at a local park on Mooreland Ave and took just a few shots…nothing exciting.


My son is NOT a fan of the camera, he did agree to go with us on our outing but excited he was not.  I love him more than life…he is the sweetest child I know.  So I will forgive him, I will be shooting more of him later with his love (his 1972 Nova SS :)!!


Fall Leaves!


Fall leaves are so beautiful…I missed my trip with the girls this week to Tennessee after grudging on my doctor I finally decided to go out in my woods and take my own fall pictures.  I have talked to the group and they say they are getting wonderful fall pictures…oh well there is always next year. …Mom hope you got some good pics 🙂img_9034-copy

Under the weather….

img_9495Ok finally after the second doctor’s visit and three prescriptions I am finally up and moving around….I am NEVER sick so I don’t like this at all!!! The doctor put me on blood pressure meds to “control” my blood pressure – seem’s as if I were near death….  I guess going to the gym (well by the gym) and the honeybuns and Moutain Dews in the mornings aren’t the best for me after all!  Oh well I was able to get out this afternoon for a quick photo shoot with Brit…of course I had to take her to her boyfriends house in return……….always strings attached.  Hopefully my boys are going to let me shoot them tomorrow as long as it doesn’t rain.  Here’s some of Brit let me know what you think…..img_9510


The top two are Brit’s fav’s….