Good times!

These are great times! Any time my kids cooperate and take photos I am so excited that I just don’t want to stop taking them!!! Thanks guys for a great weekend.  I didn’t think it was possible to like my kids boyfriend/girlfriend but I think Paige is a sweetie!!! 






For those of you who think I have gone away….

Sorry guys I have been crazy busy at work lately, we had month end then year end and that has really taken lots of my time.  I hopefully am done now :).  My New Years resolution is that I am going to slow down and not work so much….now I don’t call my photography work because I love it so much.  When I say work I mean my “real job”.  I am posting Brittanie again, she is my forever model…I can’t tell you how excited I get when she says “mom lets go take pictures”…I am in the car before she can say anything else.  I know every parent thinks there child is gorgeous but I see Brittanie changing each day, she is a beautiful girl.  Now don’t get me wrong… Brittanie is very clever, if you ever think one of these   are free boy are you wrong.  Brittanie charges me something each time I snap that camera, new outfit, taking her to see her boyfriend, movies…something as she says I don’t get something for nothing!!!  That’s ok little does she know I don’t mind at all as long as I am clicking that shutter!!  Love you Brittanie if you happen to be reading this!!!!!  Here goes!


I am not morbid I promise but this is one of my favorite spots to shoot, and yes it is a graveyard.  I want to do some night shots here but I have to get me a light first….but that is my next project….I just hope there isn’t any unexpected vistors!


I think we trespassed on this one we ran across a main highway to a pasture that had a gate we ran in the cold for what seemed like forever to get this shot, by the time we got back to the car we were both frozen….but it was FUN!


This shot is funny to me because the joke is I always say throw you head back and act like you are laughing so she mocks me everytime we shoot by saying mom how bout this one……I think it is way cute!!