Rain Rain Go Away!!!

This has been a very busy weekend 🙂  I had the pleasure of shooting this wonderful wedding on Saturday….problem was it was an outside wedding and we had a heavy rain storm.  I prayed so much for the rain to stop on Saturday it probably won’t rain again for a year!  We were lucky as the rain stopped we were able to get lots of outside shots.  The bride was wonderful, she weathered the rain and the soggy grass to get these shots.  Thanks to both you guys and hope you have many year together!!







Just a sneak preview……lots more to come 🙂

Cute, Cute, Cute!!!

I got the chance to shoot a clothing line today that I just adore…where was Alison when my daughter was this age.  These clothes are just the cutest!  Alison good luck with the line, everything was just gorgeous!







I am so excited and can’t wait for Wed!!!!!  I am finally getting to see my brother, it’s been forever!!!!  He is in the military and stationed  in Hawaii and he and his family are flying here to see us.  My brother and I were always close growing up we had the most fun just inventing things to do, like dressing up like KISS (the band) and spitting red Kool-Aid all over the place.   Mocking Van Halen with our guitars, swinging from a rope across the creek and trying not to fall in LOL….mom we really didn’t mean to fall in!!!  Its funny now as I look at my own children because they don’t have imagination ;ike we had back then.  Anyway I will give him the biggest bear hug ever when he steps off that plane!  I had to make jokes today because my daughter went into the Chinese place to get us lunch and she decided she couldn’t wait to get home to pee so she went to the bathroom there, I was in the car waiting (in the passenger seat because she is now driving)….. she came storming across the parking lot and said you drive I am so upset I can’t….thinking ok all she did was go in a get lunch what was so disastrous that could have happened in a Chinese resturant.  She said “my cell phone dropped in the toilet only for 2 seconds but now it won’t work”!!!! (as if that was a surprise)….this is the second phone was was subjected to the toilet one only 24 hours after I purchased it!  Anyway pissed isn’t the word for what she was.  Mother’s have really tough jobs, my mom didn’t prepare me how to handle a pissed off 15 year who’s cell phone just fell in the toilet!  But anyway mom to the rescue I called Cingular (AT&T) and they would ship us one on Monday and we would have it on Tuesday, as I told her this I could see the life sucking right out of her…..”mom I CAN NOT go without my cell phone, I just can’t!!!” so here we go to get her a phone….now not only does she have a new cell phone but it is “better than the one she had” and it has TV on it….oh what a lucky (spoiled) child.  Bottom line I was so glad I was there to save the day, that would have be as disaster to see a child’s life be over because she didn’t have a cell phone.  All I can say is NEXT……….








I think this weekend I had a few things hit me like a deer that ran in front of a bus…ok that was weird…anyway I my son will be graduating in 2 months my daughter will be driving 6 months, I am ready for one…you all that know me can guess!  I have been told about 999 times from my daughter I am having trouble letting go and she’s correct!  I don’t know why, maybe its the fear of what in the heck am I going to do now syndrome….thought about adopting a baby, don’t worry….I got over that one really quickly!!!  If you guys think I am obessed with photography now…just wait!  Anyway I had a great weekend, busy but great.  I got to see my favoritest people, my mom and the Gooches!!  Mom I know you come to my house to realize how well you have it at YOUR house.  It never fails my house always has tons of kids in it and they are loud and crazy at all times…my house isn’t for the shy and bashful!  Anyway here are a few shots that I took this weekend.  I must go to bed as it is now 12:30 and this new time is killin me!


Yep a new self portrait!!! Mom and I had lots of fun doing this one!!!  This one will be going on my new website as soon as it is up and running.  I realized after 200 shots I like to be BEHIND the lens….NOT in front of it!


Oh do I remember the days… this is my neice (Gooch side) she reminds me of myself when I was prego with my son almost 19 years ago….oh I am so glad I was young when I had my kids…it made lots of things easier!!  Patience, weight loss, everything!!


My sister in law made this cake….she has TRUE talent!!!


More to come later!

More pet pics!!

I didn’t want to leave our little Jack Russell Kricket out of the pictures she is 110% Jack Russell.  She chases EVERYTHING, wind, rain, birds, squirels, even cars!  We are trying to break the bad habit of her chasing cars…. my husband actually ran over her foot today because she was chasing his truck 😦  she is ok she was probably running so fast she didn’t even know he did it!!  Very spastic! Hope to be shooting some more this weekend.  Hope everyone has a great week!



Ours Pets

These are a few pictures of our pets. Max is our daschund he is the sweetest ever!!!  And look at the mohawk he has, it is the cutest…when we picked him out we ready weren’t sure what was going to happen to this little patch of fur but it is soooo cute!!  Look at the sand of his nose…he loves playing in the sand!



This is the cutest pic….Max decided to give Harley the tongue!!  Max lovesss Harley and Harley is so gentle with him.  I worried about them at first because I didn’t want Harley to step on him and break his back but it’s like he knows to be gentle with him.  🙂

More Maternity

I have to say this was my first maternity shoot, Jessica was kind enough to be my practice shoot.  I keep finding images that are my favorites out of this bunch.  Jessica here are a few more…hope you enjoy.  I will get your disc to you this weekend.  Smiles – Kelly