My Girl

One more!! You all know me when I take pictures of my kids I just can’t get enough.  It was so funny when we found this place with the old cars, it was like I was in a different world (no I am not on drugs LOL!!!) I could have just stayed there all day long, now we only had 10 minutes of shoot time because rain was coming mainly because Brittanie’s time limit for me is about 10 minutes so the plan is shoot as many pictures as I can in 10 minutes and look at them later….this was the last shot and I love it!


Country Girl

We finally got a picture day, we started out on Sunday to take pics and got to our new spot and it poured down rain…..ok folks for those that don’t know my daughter these chances are few and far between.  Usually I have to give up something for a photo shoot and typically its money :)!!!  Yes my kid is smart she learned to blackmail very early!  Hope you like these.  She would only give me one outfit which I just took what I could get 🙂  Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!


IMG_9956_pp wp






I am doing back flips because my son graduates this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought I would never see the day, he has had many struggles throughout school and we have cried, laughed and yes sometimes screamed but we are finally here!!!!  Justin your journey is just beginning.  Remember this you are and always will be my baby boy!!! Love you son!

IMG_9819 copy

IMG_9840wp copy

IMG_9807 wp

Party Like A Rock Star….or Country Star :)

We had a blast tonight with all the kids at the Brantley Gilbert concert and as I promised Brittanie got to meet him.  I made the girls shirts the band and Brantley loved the shirts.  They got all the band members to sign their shirts, we ate at waffle house after the concert….great night.  Brit that one was for you!!!!  Here’s pics of the hottie!!

IMG_9773 wp



IMG_9683 wp


IMG_9613 wp



Sneak Peek

I had the pleasure of taking pics of these two great guys, after a near death experience with a rocking chair, we still got great pics!!!!  Cody on the right (Brittanie’s boyfriend) and his brother Casey on the left.

IMG_9296 copy


Ok for those of you that know and for those of you that don’t I love my car….yes more than my husband!!! LOL JK!!  I am posting this picture because this is payment I got for my lastest photo shoot :(…..  I took pics for my sister in law at mom’s today…. she left (so I thought) and then knock, knock, knock on the door and I opened it and there she was standing , she was white as a ghost and said “you are going to kill me”….I said “Crystal you better not have hit my car”…..then it was ON!!!!  I will wait until we are off on a long dirt road in the middle of no where before I settle this but we will settle this!!!!  Just kiddin, Crystal I STILL love you and you are STILL my favorite BUT the next time you hit my car you better just leave the scene of the accident because as my brother in law said “that will deserve an A** whipping!! 

IMG_9551 copy

Batter Up!

This was my first attempt at some ballgames shots….I still need practice, but I had lots of fun trying!!  I had to shot through a chain link fence, if you have ever had to shoot like that you know it is extermely hard 🙂

IMG_9380 copy