PhotoWalk in ATL

My mom along with 50 or 60 others went to Atlantic Station this weekend for a photowalk.  It was soooo much fun we starting walking at 2:00 and got done around 10:30 that night.  We saw lots of cool things to shoot and met other photographers and other people that were down town.  Thanks mom!!







Fun times

When I come home and these little faces smile at me it just makes my day.  Mr H doesn’t particularly like his picture made so I have many more of Ms. G but I love them both the same.  Hope you enjoy as much as I did!!




She is funny this is Harley our German Shepherd……she calls him “Carley” but loves him lots, Harley seems to know to be very gentle with her.

IMG_1338 wp

Summer Time!!!!

I would like to say lighting bugs were easier to catch when I was little…first I had to learn they only come out a dawn and dusk….who knew that???? NOT me!  I am sure my neighbors were very entertained me jumping and running across the yard…but mission accomplished!  And this is what I got 🙂


Inspired by my BP friend Judy 🙂