I’m back……

Well it’s 2:00 am what better thing to do than post pics…it has been one busy week for me (I love it that way).  I have had lots of great photo shoots this week….there are more to come after these…I just can’t seem to stop posting these :).






IMG_4152 wp






I was so excited to get to shoot these two 🙂 I m tired and want to go to bed but can’t stop working on these pics.  What two stunningly beautiful girls!  Ms. A & Ms. M thank you for letting me shoot you guys.  AND yes I recovered my stool :)!!!!!! Love you Ms A your the best!!!





Lots more to come!!

Don’t give up on me :)

I know several of you guys are waiting on me to post your pics on my site…don’t give up on me yet.  I have a busy week this week with a photoshoot on Wed, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday but I have lots of great pics to post so check back and don’t give up on me.  Thanks everyone!!!

Thanks to everyone that leaves me comments 😉 I enjoy reading what you guys think about the pics!!!

Lucky to be ALIVE!

For those of you that think that headline is a joke IT’S NOT!  I never really thought that much about photography being a dangerous job/passion….but this weekend proved me wrong.  First all let me tell you all I have done this many times and never really thought about it until today.  I found a cool train with grafitti on the side that I wanted to use as my backdrop so me and Ms C.  went around the train (yes it was stopped on the tracks, these were double tracks) to take some shots where the sun wasn’t so bright.  My sister-in-law stayed in the car to watch our things, we had been shooting for about 5 minutes when I heard her scream in a panic voice “TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I grabbed Ms C. (almost breaking her arm) and ran for our lives, 2 seconds after we jumpped in the ditch the train wizzed by us blowing the whistle…..OH MY GOSH we were almost killed!!!  I almost peed all over myself…our hearts were beating 200 beats a minute.  We ran back to the car to see my sister-in-law with disbelif on her face…she said now I know how people get hit by trains.  What I mean by that is it happened so fast, we didn’t hear, see or feel any vibration on the tracks…it was there before we knew it!  I am sure I will take pics there again but this time I will have enough sense to stay on the road side of the train and not the track side!! BUT we did get some awesome pictures!!!! 🙂




IMG_3900 wp