In Memory Of Adrian….

My heart aches tonight for this little one that I had the pleasure of meeting on Saturday at a wedding that I shot.  He fell in a pool on Monday, he was taken off of life support today and passed.  Adrian was only 2 years old but in the little time that I knew him he was full of life, he followed me around on Saturday and helped me take pictures, he loved his picture made.  From the family members that I have spoken to he will be dearly missed……Prayer go out to this family tonight as I know they are devastated over their loss.

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Fun Day

I finally got to go shooting with my family, and ohhhhh did I have fun!! I am posting an few and I do mean a few from this photo shoot but there are lots more to come.  It’ s 2:00 am so I am signing out for tonight….God Bless.  Barbara….we didn’t even get arrested LOL oh wait that is because the police was with us!!!






Ride in the country

Most of you that know me don’t know this about me…….I love to get in the car and ride…..don’t need a place to go… just ride. I don’t need a map and if I get lost then I think have have accomplished something for the day! I love dirt roads, there aren’t many left these days and usually I have to drive miles to find them but when I do…I usually find something that I love to shoot. Sunday was no exception, I had heard of the Watson Bridge but never really ventured out that way so guess what ROAD TRIP…usually I try to find a sucker to go with me…my husband is usually doing his car thing so he doesn’t go with me much but Brittanie and Cody rae usually my pals for the day…I don’t know if they really like it but they never complain, they are super! So this is what I do….I drive with one eye on the road and they other off the road (just to make sure I don’t miss anything!!!) yes that takes true talent! (sometimes I even drive with my knee…kids you didn’t just read that) LOL~~ but anyway we went through Ila/Dainelsville and this picture just took my breath away…I stood there for a few minutes just taking it in before I even shot it…I can still see it in my head today it was just so beautiful and the breeze was blowing and the sky was so blue this picture is just krisp and clear (no I am not on drugs) if you would have been there you would feel the same way….hopefully you can see in this picture what I mean 🙂 I will post some of the Watson Bridge later….but I just had to post this one!
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