Cheese with that Wine???

First I have to start off with a little winning!!!  My wonderful co-workers told me about this candy from the 60’s / 70’s Sixlet’s so last weekend I went on the search for Sixlet’s and thanks to Cracker Barrel I found them!!  I was very much enjoying these little suckers until I felt my tooth crack!!!  AHHHHHH must be a sign of getting old…well needless to say I thought I was going to just ignore this but you can really ignore a broken tooth so I have to go to the dentist in the morning at 7:30 am to get it fixed.  Now for the average person that might not be so bad but I am a DRAMA QUEEN when it comes to the dentist, I cry, I have a stomach ache, I break out in hives…ok I am about to start crying just typing this.  Let me put it in perspective for everyone…I would rather be dropped from a plane in the middle of the desert with no food and water and a camel on my back than go to the dentist…ok enough said about that.  I am posting a few pictures and then going to find mashed potatoes for lunch.  Until next time ……







Lots more to come 🙂