Crazy Times

I am so ready to see my family but I have had a blast these past 4 days with my photography buddies….we have done lots of crazy things, laying down in the middle of the road, taking pictures in the pouring rain, flirted with guys giving directions…..oh snap what road were we supposed to turn on LOL, almost had to call 911…man down :), invaded by 500 midgets and lets don’t forget about Shorty….oh Shorty your such a good boy!!  Here are a few more images from my trip.  Thanks Judy, Mom, Linda, JoAnn, Kim, Wes & Kathy….until next time!

On Cloud 9 :)

Ok for those of you who don’t know already…I am in Alabama with lots of very talented people and I am learning everything I can…just like a sponge LOL!  No really I am with a bunch of girls that love doing the same thing I do take pictures!!  So that is ALL I have been doing for two days now…two more to go so hope you guys enjoy these as much I have!

This one is for my brother in the military that just left for a 6 month assignment.  I love you Shane!!!

I will post more tomorrow….Nite everyone 🙂


Ok per your request….I have taken the deranged picture off my site and replaced it with this one.  Thanks to my honest family and friends for letting me know I looked like a wacko 🙂  I love you guys and keep the compliments coming LOL!!!


I am lucky to have the two children I do.  I love them dearly, Ms. B is the most beautiful girl I know!! Yes I know she is mine but she is so sweet and I love being around her, just hanging out.  In the picture below you will see her new car, she is growing up way to fast but I know she will always be my little girl 🙂  Thank you girl for being my kid …..and my bestest friend.