Mr. C

Ok this young man has to be the funnest little one I have ever shot, first of all he had great conversation AND he loved his picture being made.  I worried when he first arrived because he had been sleeping and mom said “he doesn’t want to take pictures” LOL a photographers nightmare.  But it took all of 2 minutes for him to warm up to me and he was great by the end of the session (and believe me he didn’t want it to end) he was already planning his next session!!  Boy what  a treat, hope you enjoy.

Don’t think it doesn’t come with a price

I love taking pics of my girl but don’t think it doesn’t come with a price, I have met lots of new people lately that tell me how lucky I am to have a daughter that loves her picture taken….ha that is far from the truth she hates it!  But it is her bargaining tool “mom I will take pictures if you buy me a new outfit” “mom I will take pictures for a new pocketbook” oh the list goes on and on!  But I still love every minute of it even though I will need to get a part time job to continue this LOL!

I have fallen behind :)

I know some of you think I have just stopped photography LOL because I haven’t posted new work in a the past few weeks….far from it!!! I have been very busy and lovin ever minute of it!  I have lots of pics to post so I hope I have the patience to sit here long enough to post the pictures…yes all of you that know me knows I can’t sit still for long at a time unless it is 2 am in the morning when I usually post my work.  Hope you enjoy 🙂


So excited about having CS5 here are a few projects I did over the weekend.  I also got to shoot my wonderful son and his girlfriend.  I will post more tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great week!!

Time to reflect

My daughter and her boyfriend went to the prom this past weekend and I stopped for a moment to breath and reflect on the moment.  Years ago as I started photography I realized the only way to freeze a moment in time was through my lens and THAT is why I love photography so much.  You can look at those pictures over and over again and reflect that time in your life.  That is exactly what I will be doing with these pictures.  Ms. B you have to be the most beautiful child I know (yes even with your quirky ways!! LOL)  I love you more than you will ever know.