My Girl

We went on the last minute last weekend to shoot and it was so hot we were miserable!!!  We only shot for 30 minutes but we were able to capture a few.  Thanks Brit for enduring the 100 degree weather.


I went to the local skate park to shoot some action shots.  Lucky for me the guys don’t mind their pictures made at all, matter of fact some of them beg you to!  Thanks guys for showing me some of your  moves 🙂

Not Harmed LOL

My daughter is such a good sport! I promised she wasn’t harmed during this photo LOL!!  I sometime get these wild ideas to do something on the crazy side this is one of those times.  Thank B for the shot!

Making Memories

I have shot this young man lots of times, he is the sweetest!!  He knows exactly how to pose, fast, aim shoot and then he gets to go swimming!!  Thanks Mr. D for a great shoot 🙂