More Pics :)

These are just a few pics I have taken in December, I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post.  This weekend this was great, it SNOWED on Christmas!!!!!  We couldn’t resist getting out and playing.  We drove to Suches to explore and had a blast!  The boys ate snacks all the way there and all the way back….sometimes I think they are back in their infant stage…eating every two hours!!  Now here it is 9:00 …feeling like 12:00, looking forward to taking a few weeks off and getting back to the creative things 🙂 so I can hear my mom say…Kelly that’s a little far out there isn’t it!! What can I say I like the unusual 🙂  Hope you guys enjoy and be on the look out for some fun pics coming up in the next few weeks!  Happy Holidays and thanks to all that came out for holiday pics!

Super Cutie!!!!

I fill like I am the privileged one for being able to take pictures of this little fella.  It doesn’t seem like a year ago when I took his pictures at 4 days old.  Every time I see Kim with him it just fills my heart with joy.  I know Kim is the lucky one but Mr. Will is also lucky to have parents like Kim and her husband because they opened their hearts with all their love and care.  Gosh there needs to be more people like that is this world!!…….hope you enjoy, I know they have put smiles on my face 🙂

Tis the Season

Ok I recently purchased this red velvet sofa and love it, a photographer friend of my was parting with it so I grabbed it up.  I love this time of the year!  I just put my tree up tonight, thanks to my mom for coming to the Christmas tree rescue 🙂 I have my tree up at the studio and my poor family was wondering if they would ever see a tree this year.  Tonight I went to Hobby Lobby got all new decorations and although it is not as big as the normal tree I have it’s still a tree LOL!  So now all I need is gifts under the tree……yes as most of you know I am a procrastinator (yes I had to google that to spell it!!)  anyway my last shopping experience was on Black Friday….I must say it didn’t turn out very well….after being pushed, shoved and touched on by strangers I said…NEVER again!!  So I am just waiting…waiting for that perfect shopping moment and my kids just hope it’s before Christmas so they can have gifts under the tree 🙂 .  I am thankful though for what we do have…I heard on the radio tonight the DJ ask….what would your last saying be before you die…..after thinking about this briefly…here’s mine.  Live your life for what you CAN do and don’t worry about the things you CAN’T do.