Ready for Spring!!!

Ok I am growing impatient I want spring and summer!!! I am ready to hit the beach!  In a few weeks I will be going to Callaway Gardens with lots of my photographer friends,  not that I am a huge fan of Callaway because I have been so many times…. I love my photographer friends and can’t wait to see a few I haven’t seen in months 🙂 Then in just a few short months I will be hitting the beach….I have to admit I haven’t found where yet but I know it will be the beach…I want to snorkle, lay on the beach just baking in the sun and sipping fruity drinks at night by the ocean….ok I just pinched myself…back to reality, for now.  Here are a few pics and I will have more this weekend.  I will be taking pics of a little bitty baby 🙂 and family!


We went on search of the “big moon” but didn’t have to go far….just right outside our door 🙂 Thanks Judy for the instructions on how to shoot the moon!!

Senior Pics!!

Ok I had soooo  much fun photographing (cause I my family says I can’t say “shooting” anymore LOL) this beautiful young lady!!  She is so photogenic …plus I love her mom, she is a dear friend of mine!  I will have lots to post but this is a sneak peek 🙂

Ready for Summer

Thought I would drop a line to those who haven’t seen me in awhile and let you know what is going on in my life….other than work which is generally what I am doing….I still have the studio open.  For those of you who know me know I love outside shots much better than studio shots.  Although I have fun in the studio sometimes I just love being outside working with natural lighting.  Family news….Brit is about to graduate, which I am thrilled about because she is graduating a year 1/2 early.  She will start at Lanier probably in Medical Assistant.  She has grown into a beautiful young lady and has such great potential.  Now that both of my children are almost grown I wish I had a few more….yes we are crazy!!! I just love having kids around and that is all we know is raising kids.  Thank God both of our children are great kids…I guess that is why we want more LOL. I am ready for the summer….yes the beach!!!   We are looking for a great vacation place this year that we haven’t ever been to….we will see where we land 🙂  Well here I am alive and well and very thankful for my life :)!!!