Florida :)

We spent the week in Florida and it was a blast….we got lots of sun I mean LOTS of sun we are lovin our bronze tans!!  We went to the beach at 7:00 am every morning and came in at dark….ok a few naps in between 🙂  Me and Brittanie stayed either at the pool or the ocean.  It was a great trip knowing this maybe our last trip of the year to the beach, hopefully we can go again in August for a girls only trip …we’ll see how work goes.  I of course took lots of pictures which I will be posting over the next few days…hope you guys enjoy!!!

This photo is of a storm we thought was brewing….yes it looked mean, the wind got up and it turned dark but then we were quickly disappointed to see just a few sprinkles out of it!!!!  Thought we were going to get to see a super storm…..oh well I still got a few photos ops out of it!


I photographed the sweetest senior today!!! She picked great locations and was a joy 🙂 Thank you Ms. J for a great photo shoot!!  I will be posting more picture throughout the night……Hope you enjoy!