Senior Mr A!!

Guys are always a challenge when it comes to pictures…they don’t want their pictures made first of all and second they think its a waste of their time…and I get this look like….I am ONLY doing this for mom as soon as they get out of the car.  That might have been what Mr. A was thinking but he was so super nice and he put up with me giving all kinds of direction!  He was a joy to shoot because he was so polite and learning about what he was going to do for his future was neat.  Good Luck to you Mr. A and let your creativeness shine!  Hope you enjoy!

Super Model!! Could be!

I  was super excited when I saw this young lady, because I knew she would be the perfect person for this shot that I had been wanting to do for a long time!  With a little luck finding a VW van I felt for sure we could pull it off.  After looking for weeks I finally found what I was looking for 30 minutes before the shoot!!  Persistence pays off that is for sure.  I think Ms S rocked this shoot out AND I am having a hard time picking my favorites!

Mr A!!

I had no idea that I would be photographing a child that I had know since he was a toddler!  What a surprise it was when he got out of the car and introduced himself!  Had a blast shooting him and fell in total love with the car!!! Hope you enjoy


Ms K!! Senior Days!!!

Today it poured rain in Gainesville and didn’t think I was going to be able to photograph this sweet Senior girl but thankfully we were able to shoot between showers and her pics turned out amazing!!  Thank you Ms K for your sweet personality and you were such an blast to photograph!

Hope you enjoy