For everyone that is seeing this that says to me “I thought you don’t shoot weddings”……I don’t LOL but sometimes I just can’t resist and this was one of them….Ms L you just caught me on a willing day LOL!  But seriously I am glad I shot this wedding, everything about it was gorgeous and so fun to shoot.  Everyone was super friendly and so appreciative …made it all worth it.  I hope you enjoy the pics!!




Another great senior shoot 🙂 This family is special to my family, they are super sweet people and have been in our lives for many many years, thank you for allowing me to share this moment of your son’s next journey in his life.  Thank Mr. R for “putting up” with me and my camera 😉 Gator fan……come on Mr R…what are you thinking????   Hope you enjoy!

Senior Ms C!

I just love watching all these girls grow up, I coached Ms. C in cheerleading for years, it was a blast shoot her tonight.  I honestly think she has huge model potential!  Thank you Ms. C for calling on me to shoot your senior pics!
Enjoy 🙂

More to come 🙂


Had a blast today taking these sweet senior girls!  I usually don’t do three session all at one time but I am glad I did, these girls were super sweet and it went smoothly!!  I am going to have lots of favs from this session :)ENJOY!


Lots to post!!

I have lots to post once I sit down long enough to post!!! I have been super busy….and no end in site, which is a good thing 🙂 I will be planning a wedding for the next 7 months for my daughter, this by no means is my cup of tea but I will have plenty of help from my talented sister in laws 😉 I am super excited that we found a photographer….no folks I will not be shooting my own daughters wedding lol I get asked that all the time!!  We now have a college student, and she has moved out in a house her and her fiancee purchased, so……where does that leave me??? In a house that is super quite…which I am not used to nor do I like.  I caught myself just singing to the top of my lungs the other day, just so there was some noise in the house…and trust me….NOT GOOD!!  I am super proud of my kids but I do wish I could keep them young and at home forever…selfish of me I know…but I so would.  Hope you enjoy this picture I took of her, we were just playing around but to me it is super cute!!!