My life has been extremely busy, it wasn’t until I broke about 6 grand of camera equipment did I realize this week I need to slooowwww down lol.  Yes I managed to break 2 cameras, six compact flash cards…..only Kelly could do something like that!!! After I said the four letter word about 20 times did I realize that wasn’t going to help and decided to take a more rational approach.  I bought another camera and was back in commission after taking a trip to Atlanta for a new one.  I am thankful for my family for putting up with my non sense lol because it was a tense 24 hours in my house 🙂 I will not take things for granted anymore that is for sure!! I am posting a few pics but I have lots of sessions to post.  This is one of my favorite shoots, I love this couple, so much fun to be around!! Thanks Ms. S and Mr D for such a fun shoot!!!


What a blast we had during this shoot, both boys didn’t mind at all exploring and letting me shoot different scenes!  LOVED the red hair!  Thank you M family for such a fun morning out 🙂 Hope you enjoy!!