Christmas Time

I have so many sessions to post!! I have found myself getting behind this December, with all the sessions, full time job, trying to plan a wedding, possibly two…..I feel like I am in a tornado!! LOL I love what I do and wouldn’t have it any other way….I am having a blast on this journey most people call “life”.  I have meet so many interesting friendly people, I honestly think I could do this forever!  I have another theme shoot coming up this weekend so can’t wait to post that session.  Thanks to everyone that came out for Christmas photo’s, hope to have them all posted in a few days.

Winter Photo Shoot

So had a contest where I had girls submit their photos for my Winter Photo Shoot, I thought I could pick just one, but with over 30 girls submitting I ended up choosing 6 girls.  Today was my first session.  I have lots of pictures to post….hope you enjoy!!!