Looking back

As we are closing out 2012 I like to look back at the sessions I have done for the year.  I would have to say I love photographing my daughter….I look into her eyes and see the window to her soul.  I know she is mine but she is so beautiful to me.  Thanks Brit for all the years with the camera in your face, you are and always will be my sweet girl!!

Senior 2013!!

I often wonder…what did I do to deserve such an amazing job!  I meet some of the sweetest, most amazing people along the way and this senior was no exception.   I always tell my seniors I will help you by letting you know when to smile, how to pose, etc.  The first few pictures she didn’t smile I finally said…”your not smiling” she laughed and said “you didn’t tell me too” LOL!  It was a great fun session….hope you enjoy 🙂