I am counting down the days until my sweet little girl delivers her sweet little girl!!! I think I am more excited about this baby than anybody 🙂 Let the days fly by I am ready to hold this sweet bundle of JOY! 🙂

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Winter shoot 2012!!

Those of you that follow my photography know I have done a winter shoot for the past two winters…..I love to do these shoots.  I get to take average, ordinary kids and turn them into models for a day!  I have never worked with such talented girls as I have this winter.  Thank you all so much for giving me 100% during the shoot….we had an amazing time.  I am sure i will have another one of these very soon!


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Engagement – Matt & Mandie

What a sweet couple, I was so thankful Matt was willing to commit to the hour of pictures and was a super good sport about them!! We had a beautiful day to shoot and what a gorgeous couple they were!! Wishing you two the best of luck with your wedding in June!!
Hope you enjoy 🙂

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