Modeling shoot

I love taking average kids a making them super models for the day 🙂 We had a blast at this shoot and thanks to mom and grandmom for coming along and helping.  Thank you for the donuts…you know how to win my heart 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

IMG_5079-copy IMG_5094-copy IMG_5132-copy IMG_5174-copy IMG_5187-copy IMG_5192-copy IMG_5204-copy IMG_5214-copy IMG_5224-copy IMG_5233-copy IMG_5252-copy IMG_5286-copy IMG_5309-copy IMG_5311-copy IMG_5356-copy IMG_5375-copy

IMG_5031-copy IMG_5049a-copy IMG_5461-copy IMG_5489-copy IMG_5495a-copy IMG_5516-copy IMG_5526-copy