Valentine :)

This sweet couple recently got engaged….what a sweet love story!!  We started shooting today we had sun, wind, snow and rain!  It was a blast AND I got to hang out at the fire house for a little while….those of you who know me well are probably laughing right now!  Hope you enjoy these gorgeous pictures!!

IMG_8835-copy IMG_8844-copy IMG_8856-copy IMG_8918-copy IMG_8811-copy

IMG_8931-copy IMG_8947-copy IMG_8956-copy

IMG_8968-copy IMG_8979-copy IMG_8986-copy IMG_8991-copy IMG_9006-copy IMG_9023-copy IMG_9033-copy IMG_9041-copy

IMG_9063-copy IMG_9066-copy IMG_9089-copy IMG_9109-copy IMG_9137-copy IMG_9141-copy IMG_9153-copy

IMG_9204-copy IMG_9315-copy IMG_9327-copy IMG_9349-copy IMG_9378-copy