Spring Time!!

What a cutie I photographed today!!!  I love photographing such innocence and such raw expressions.  This little blonde brought her game, she was very easy to photograph because her sweet smile and funny expressions.  Thank you Ms. O for a fun session!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_2999-copy IMG_2892-copy IMG_2746-copy


IMG_2767-copy IMG_2776-copy IMG_2962-copy

Senior 2013

Had a blast shooting today, the wind was NUTS but we were able to shoot between gusts LOL!  I love capturing seniors candid spirit 🙂 Thanks Ms A for a great shoot today!!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_1802-copy IMG_1812-copy IMG_1864-copy IMG_1877-copy IMG_1880-copy IMG_1919-copy IMG_1925-copy

IMG_1899-copy IMG_1986-copy

IMG_2059-copy IMG_2043-copy IMG_2028-copy IMG_2011-copy

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IMG_2528b-copy IMG_2488-copy IMG_2502-copy IMG_2539-copy IMG_2551-copy

Ms M!!

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet little red head today!  Her and her mom flew in from Texas and I enjoyed spending time with the both of them.  My mom even came along for the session so it was a double treat.  We had a blast photographing different looks and different locations.

Hope you enjoy!!

IMG_1080-copy IMG_1094-copy IMG_1122-copy IMG_1138-copy IMG_1139-copy IMG_1164-copy IMG_1200-copy IMG_1210-copy IMG_1236-copy IMG_1250-copy



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Little Ladybug!!!

I have been on cloud nine this past week with the birth of my granddaughter….it’s an unbelievable feeling.  I thought there couldn’t be any deeper love that I have for my children but this is very close 🙂 After 18 hours of hard labor we are truly blessed to have our bundle of joy.  There will be many years of photos and my fingers are crossed she LOVES my camera 🙂  BLESSED!!!

IMG_0721-copy IMG_0783-copy IMG_0803-copy IMG_0810-copy IMG_0815-copy