IMG_4277-copyWhat a sweet little one!  It started off with a down pour but finally the rain moved on and we got some awesome shots 🙂 Thanks Ms J for such a fun session!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_4274-copy IMG_4283-copy IMG_4434-copy IMG_4457-copy IMG_4489-copy IMG_4580-copy IMG_4582-copy IMG_4589-copy IMG_4766b-copy IMG_4766c-copy


Model {Brooke}

WOW what can I say about this little beauty….gorgeous hair, sweet and awesome personality!  She made everyone smile and laugh at this session 🙂 “for the name of Pete LOL” Thank you mom for picking out the perfect outfits for the session!  Can’t wait to photograph Brooke again soon!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_3491-copy IMG_3505-copy IMG_3671-copy IMG_3701-copy

IMG_3977-copy IMG_3986-copy IMG_4037-copy IMG_4073-copy IMG_4104-copy IMG_4129-copy

Senior 2014 {Shelby}

What a great session today!  Shelby brought perfect outfits and what a sweet girl she was!  I was amazed that she is a graduate from college and still in high school, now that is an accomplishment!  Best of luck in your senior year!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_2737-copy IMG_2746-copy IMG_2766-copy IMG_2798-copy IMG_2807-copy IMG_2812-copy IMG_2815-copy IMG_2839-copy IMG_2851-copy IMG_2860-copy IMG_2896-copy

IMG_2950-copy IMG_2961-2-copy IMG_2977-copy IMG_2989-copy

IMG_3027-copy IMG_3034-copy IMG_3051-copy


Senior 2014 {Clayton}

Thank goodness for some milder temps this morning at our senior session!  What a bright young man, and very well mannered!  Very talented and could play the guitar by ear 🙂 Thanks for such a great session!!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_2335-copy IMG_2364-copy IMG_2387-copy IMG_2390-copy IMG_2408-copy IMG_2433-copy

Chase {West Hall High 2014 Senior}

This is the second time I have had the pleasure of photographing this handsome young man.  Although I didn’t get a “teeth smile” I did have a blast on the session….maybe the third time will be a charm and I can get a huge teeth smile!  Thanks Chase for a fun session.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_7216-copy IMG_7222-copy IMG_7241-copy IMG_7251-copy IMG_7297-copy IMG_7325-copy IMG_7334-copy IMG_7386-copy IMG_7417-copy

{Emily} 2014 Senior!

What great weather today, not to hot, a little breeze and no rain until the last shot!  I was able to check out some new locations and loved being outside shooting today!  Thank you Emily for such a great session.  Hope you have an amazing senior year!!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_1620-copy IMG_1674-copy IMG_1684-copy IMG_1685-copy IMG_1723-copy IMG_1727-copy IMG_1742-copy IMG_1757-copy

IMG_1759-copy IMG_1837-copy


IMG_1877-copy IMG_1883-copy IMG_1902-copy IMG_1904-copy IMG_1913-copy

IMG_1940-copy IMG_1982-copy IMG_2054-copy IMG_2073-copy IMG_2140-copy IMG_2176-copy IMG_2202-copy IMG_2219-copy IMG_2251-copy IMG_2272-copy



I love summertime!  I love to shoot outdoors so summer is the season I love to get out find locations and then dream up a shoot 😉 This morning I photographed two sweet little boys. I laughed several times at Eli for not wanting to walk on the rocks or the wet grass while his younger brother Benji loved the rocks, dirt and was 110% ready to get DIRTY!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_1081-copy IMG_1125-copy IMG_1140-copy