Senior 2014!!

Emily was such a gorgeous senior!  She brought along her four legged BFF, loved photographing moments with her life long friend 🙂 Thank you for such a great session!  Loved the weather today, fall is near!!

IMG_2439-copy IMG_2455-copy





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What a fun shoot with a very energetic senior 🙂 Even with the spiders 😉 we got amazing shots!  The weather was great, just a little breeze blowing which made for awesome shots! Thank you for such a fun session!!  Hope you have a super senior year!!

IMG_4985-copy IMG_4990-copy IMG_5005-copy IMG_5015-copy

Joshua {Senior 2014}

What a great session! Joshua was the most well mild mannered young man I have photographed to date! He reminded me of my son, just easy going, not of many words but VERY polite, not to mention HANDSOME. That is the way we raise them in Jackson County Thanks Joshua and Tabatha for such a great session. Have a great senior year!!

IMG_3879-copy IMG_3883-copy IMG_3896-copy IMG_3900-copy IMG_3926-copy

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2014 {Lynsey}

Another awesome senior session this afternoon!  Great weather and a gorgeous senior, made for some amazing shots.  Thank you all for such a great session….we even had family participation at the end of the session 😉

IMG_3320-copy IMG_3330-copy IMG_3371-copy IMG_3421-copy

IMG_3438-copy IMG_3450-copy

IMG_3473-copy IMG_3492-copy IMG_3503-copy